Lesson 1: Maximizing Influence

The Interactive Online Course

Do parents really make much of a difference on the lives of teens or is it too late to have a meaningful impact once your kids hit the teenage years? In the first lesson of our interactive online course, we look at the science of parent-teen influence with the help of Ashley Merryman, author of the New York Times bestseller NurtureShock, Joe LaBrie, a national expert on adolescent risk behaviors, and Lou Cozolino, an influential social neuroscientist and executive coach.

We discover that, yes, parents can have an impact on their teens’ lives, but not in the way you might think. Also, we find out that there are subtle psychological factors influencing parent and teen behavior every single day.

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About Andy

Andy Earle is a researcher at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studies adolescent risk behavior and the role of parents in helping teens thrive. He publishes papers and speaks to groups of parents about the science of talking to teens. Reach him any time at andy@talkingtoteens.com

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