Defiant Teenager Strategies

This article describes how to deal with a defiant teenager in a non-confrontational way. We cover 4 scientifically-proven defiant teenager strategies.


Guide to the Teenage Brain

“Why does my teenager act crazy?” Learn about your teenager and about teen brain development from a researcher who studies teenager behavior.


Why Teens Make Bad Decisions

Teens are prone to “framing bias”, or the framing effect. What is framing and what should parents do about it? Dive into framing psychology in this article.


Getting Teens to Do Chores

Instead of a chore chart, use this science-based strategy to get your teenager helping out more. From parent-teen researcher Andy Earle.


Preventing Underage Drinking

Do you believe any of these myths about underage drinking? Most parents do. Our research has identified 7 critical ways parents often fool themselves.


Protecting At Risk Youth

What, exactly, puts youth at risk? And what are protective factors that mitigate risk? We have answers and tools for helping at risk youth to thrive.

About Andy
Andy Earle is a researcher at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studies adolescent risk behavior and the role of parents in helping teens thrive. He publishes papers and speaks to groups of parents about the science of talking to teens. Reach him any time at
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